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Visiting : Holland

Boat/Hotel Boat & Bike
Guiding Guided i
Good For Families
Standard Standard i
Level Easy i
Distance 82mi/132km !
Runs Jul - Aug
Departs Saturday
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  • 5
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    Nicola Beck
    4th September 2017

    We did the IJssel Lake family special in the Netherlands, staying on the Amiticia boat. We had a fabulous time.... Myself and kids aged 6 (on slip streamer/tag-a-long), 9 and 12 years. The distance of around 30km a day were about the right length. Felt you'd earned the tasty dinner! We visited the Dolphinarium on our day off, which was really special. The only hiccups we had were the trial cycle on the first evening around Hoorn. The back half of the group lost the front half, and the leader guide didn't have his phone with him so we couldn't find the others. Then, it was getting dark and we got caught in a huge downpour of rain, without coats with us, and also a girl crash cycled into a boy in the group, and when finally getting back to boat location we discovered it had moved mooring. All in all, everything after that went much better!! Personally I think the 2 guides should have a Walkie talkie each to more easily communicate between front and back of the group whilst cycling. The 2nd hiccup was when the boat got stuck in shallow water in IJssel lake, and we had to wait about 2 hours and be rescued by 3 rescue boats! But we still managed the correct cycling route for that day, just with less stops. I thought it was a brilliantly organised holiday for kids and parent, that kept everyone healthily active. We want to do others!
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    Joanne Palmer
    8th September 2016

    Fantastic holiday. The cycling in the Netherlands is wonderful with cycle paths everywhere and very considerate drivers when you do encounter cars. The distances we covered were much easier than they'd be elsewhere due to the very easy terrain. Lots of great family activities woven into the tour apart from the cycling - we all loved the open air museum and the Dolphinarium. Lots of opportunities for swimming which was great too. A great family holiday, and a wonderful chance to meet and mix with families from other counties too.
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    Christine Donnelly
    1st September 2016

    Great holiday, my grandchildren aged 10 and 13 really enjoyed the trip, and would thoroughly recommend it.
  • 5
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    Tracy Banks
    30th August 2016

    Fantastic trip for all the family.
  • 5
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    Alison Burt
    24th August 2016

    Fantastic holiday for the whole family with a variety of different activities.
  • 5
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    Stephen Warner
    16th August 2016

    This was the best holiday we have ever been on. I have two boys of 10 and 12, they had so much fun. The mix of cycling, well planned events during the day, staying on a boat and travelling around in a group was perfect. The guides were brilliant, even joining in and playing games of cards and teaching the kids Dutch games in the evenings. Loads of opportunity to be active but also nice slots of downtime for them to chill out. The accommodation was perfect, nice rooms if small ( but that's what you expect on a barge ) clean showers with nice hot water, the food was really good although a little bland for my tastes but the kids ate everything which is the main challenge !!.
  • 5
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    Nick Harrop
    15th August 2016

    Excellent family activity holiday with well chosen daily activities, good camaraderie on the barge and overall superb value for money.
  • 5
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    Oliver Smith
    8th August 2015

    This holiday was one of the best we have ever been on. All of the family loved it, the children had a great time both with the cycling and the other activities. We would recommend it to anyone!
  • 4
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    Alison Clarke
    1st August 2015

    We really enjoyed cycling in the Netherlands. The cycle paths, tour guide, barge were all brilliant and we had a lovely sunny week too.
  • 5
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    Helen McAra
    6th August 2015

    A great family holiday made so much better by the guides and the crew.