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Cereseto, Italy
By Tara Rogers

If you love burning calories as much as you love consuming them (who doesn't), then perhaps you might want to take inspiration from esteemed travel writer Peter Hardy, who recently travelled to Piedmont with us.

Bike in Tulip Field, Holland
By Vicky Bamford

Once Easter weekend has passed, the longer evenings bring renewed energy and motivation to holiday plans. The early days of spring are primed for a gentle and leisurely cycling holiday, with warmer temperatures, nature bursting into bloom, fewer tourists and very attractive low season airfares.

Meadow Cycling, Austria
By Vicky Bamford

The Alps have always been popular with active, fresh-air loving holiday makers looking for an uplifting escape from the daily grind.

Local Umbria Cuisine
By Vicky Bamford

If you’re one of our many customers who consider enjoying world renowned food and wine to be an important part of your cycling holiday, you’ll be delighted to know we have labelled a selection of our tours as Gastro/Wi

Windmill and Tulips, Holland
By Saul Follett
The Telegraph's Tim Pozzi takes a spin Holland's most dazzling spring floral displays on our 3 night guided tour.
Ribcev Laz, Slovenia
By Catherine Gray
In May 2013, I travelled to Slovenia to find out why cycling in this country is so enjoyable.