Catherine Gray

Head of Freedom Treks

Cycling history

I've always loved cycling in my local area and touring with friends. Cycling is definitely the best way to see and experience a country - you see so much more! My 3 year old son also loves being on two wheels on his balance bike and on my bike. He has enjoyed four cycling holidays with Freedom Treks already!

Favourite hotel & bike tour

Best of Slovenia - Lakes to the Coast. The perfect way to get to know this little country. Swooping down from Bled to Bohinj on day two is beyond magical and there are constant impressive sights; high mountains and limestone hills, impressive castles and deep caves, medieval towns and Renaissance and Baroque cities.

Most interesting tour

Puglia feels unspoilt and special. Matera is an exceptional place to start the tour. I loved the quiet country roads, the sun-drenched olive groves, gorgeous coastal routes and interesting towns. Oh and the fabulous cheap coffee was good too!

Favourite boat & bike tour

The South Dalmatia tour was one of my best holidays ever! The perfect combination of some really good cycling (ok, so there are some climbs but the distances aren’t too long), reading, chatting or snoozing as the boat motored to the next island and exploring each beautiful town along with a sundowner overlooking the sea.

Favourite boat & bike riverside tour

Cycling along the river listening to the birds tweeting on the Danube River was wonderful. Stopping off to taste local pear and apple cider or local wine the Wachau valley along the route was also very welcome. The crew on the boat could not have been more friendly and helpful. The on board guide gave endless top tips.

Favourite cycle route

Lakes of Southern Bavaria - absolutely stunning! We were always so close to the Bavarian Alps but without any big climbs as the routes were through the valleys with just a few hills. The cycle network was excellent and easy to follow with the route notes and so varied; we circled lakes, followed rivers and cycled through marshland and forests avoiding big roads. Oh and the beer was really refreshing too!

Last tour

The  Archipelago Island Cycle was a wonderful way to get away from it all. Cycling through heavily scented pine forests, island hopping on the local ferries and having picnics by the sea was magical and so were cinnamon buns! It was great to get a city fix with Stockholm too.

Best travel memory

Cycling around the hundreds of temples in Bagan in Myanmar – road quality and gears were a little ropey but the scenery was stunning. Please be assured the mountain bikes on the Highlights of Myanmar tour are far superior!

Top travel tip

Don't pack too much! I made that mistake on my first Freedom Treks tour to Slovenia. Plus if you can set off soon-ish after breakfast, it means you have plenty of time to stop for coffees, photos and leisurely lunches.

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