We Asked You: What Makes a Cycling Holiday With Freedom Treks So Special?

By Ben Corke
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Here at Freedom Treks we are very passionate about cycling tours. We believe that there is no better way to see a destination than from the comfort of your saddle! This passion is shared by our customers, and we're constantly delighted to hear lovely anecdotes and see wonderful photos from people who travel with us. With this in mind, we asked a number of our customers to share the unique experiences that keep them coming back for more.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued support and if you’re new to cycling holidays, we hope that the responses below provide a taste of what makes a trip with Freedom Treks so special.

What are your favourite memories from Freedom Treks holidays that you have been on?

"When I look back on them, what emerges most strongly is a general feeling of being supremely happy, of freedom and of being close to what’s around you. On a bike, you experience the environment with a directness and immediacy which isn’t possible in a car and, of course, it’s quieter and less disruptive to the surroundings, so you’re more likely to see things 'as they really are'.” - Stephen Muir

"My favourite experiences on freedom trek holidays are often the nature aspects you always seem to get closer to wildlife on a bike, such as near Vollenhoven in Holland when on a stop I had swallows flying around my feet and through the frame of the bike. Also stopping in small towns and getting great local delicacies; be it raw herrings or savoury dutch pancakes with more ingredients than a pizza." - Bruce Hislop

"Our favourite memories involve culture, history and the ambience of new places - coming from a relatively young country we find the village squares and town market spaces absolutely fascinating and over-powering in ambience and activity." - Terry Elms

"It was a great sensation to have a relaxing but active holiday, cycling along one of the world’s great rivers and taking in all the countryside and wildlife." - Maggie Grimsdell

"From our recent holidays with our son in tow either in the trailer or on the seat, our favourite memories have been his joy. The excitement he has shown seeing different things and watching the world go by. We have easily been able to experience the Passau area of the Danube, South Sardinia and Lake Garda with him." - Joanna and Martin Boaler

"On a boat & bike holiday there is an instant camaraderie with the other people on the boat - everyone is there for the same reason; everyone is keen to explore as well as cycle and everyone is friendly. The two boat and bike trips we have done have been great fun with people from all over the world joining the trip, and it's lovely to meet new people and share experiences. The last trip (Danube River - MS Theodor Körner) was delightful, and everyone particularly enjoyed the unusual offering of home-made Schnapps from one of the cycle ferries!!" - Gill Fellows

What is the best part about the cycling on these trips?

"We love the fact that the hard work is done for us! We show up at the designated time, and our boat and bike await. We have used electric bikes, as we have health issues, and they have been great quality, and are well maintained by the boat crew. So far the cycle paths have been good, the routes are planned for us, the stops are well planned, and we don't have to pack and re-pack as the hotel comes along with us! Brilliant!!" - Gill Fellows

"On a bike and boat holiday, there is a definite ”buzz” in the air, a frisson which comes when people are enjoying themselves. You can’t miss it, it’s infectious, affecting everyone, and it’s very apparent from after the first ride. For me, there’s always a sense of excitement, of adventure, of discovering new places and coming across something completely unexpected." - Stephen Muir

"The bikes were excellent and everything to do with the back-up was superbly organised. We’ve never had to call the emergency number, but its good to know that someone is there if you need them." - Maggie Grimsdell

"With our son we just hop on the bike and go for a meal or visit the beach or a park, just so easy. The bikes on our last three trips have been first class too." - Joanna and Martin Boaler

Could you tell us how the service you received from us helped to make your holiday more enjoyable?

"The best service I've received from Freedom Treks, apart from the normal excellent booking etc, was while doing two tours back to back. Realising I was going to struggle the second week and getting an e-bike arranged with only a couple of days notice from the middle of nowhere meant I could fully enjoy my second week's travels." - Bruce Hislop

"We can only tell you the story that we met up with another cycling couple (from the US) on the banks of the Danube in Germany and agreed that Freedom Treks are wonderful! International recognition!" - Maggie Grimsdell

"Catherine and Rachael have been so helpful in helping us book the right holiday to work with our son when he was 12, 22 and 24 months. They made sure the trips would work with our son and would also give us a holiday we would enjoy. They provided good ideas and even suggested places to eat once we had booked." - Joanna and Martin Boaler

"Well, this has to be sending the Head of Freedom Treks off to Sweden to do a “recce” for me before my own trip there, with a personal report a few days before my departure (well, that’s how I like to look on it, anyway!)." - Stephen Muir

What advice would you give to someone who is about to go on their first cycling holiday?

"Do it! You'll love it. Cycling shorts help for comfort." - Ged Hanlon

"My advice for anyone wanting to do a cycle tour is to try a short trip such as one of the tulip tours in Holland as they give you a good introduction especially if you are a novice cyclist. I would also recommend the guided tours as you stop and enjoy places and the guide knows the best places to stop." - Bruce Hislop

"Start off with sensible distances so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee along the way and make a diversion when you find something especially interesting. Always pack waterproofs." - Maggie Grimsdell

"Don’t be apprehensive about it: you’re going to have a great time! If you’re not a regular cyclist, when it comes to the adjusting the bike for fit, don’t be tempted to set the saddle too low. Take lots of photographs!" - Stephen Muir

"Don't overestimate your own cycling ability, be pragmatic, but make sure you are comfortable, by completing some amount of training/practice before your tour." - Terry Elms

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about what makes a cycling holiday with us special?

"We are obviously hooked as we have just booked our third trip in a year. We love cycling in parts of a country that most tourists don't visit, and love the fact that we can be part of a tour but completely free to do as we like (as long as we don't miss the boat at the end of the day!) The staff are exemplary - nothing is too much trouble, and everyone wants you to have a good time." - Gill Fellows

"We’ve always appreciated the personal contact we’ve had with Freedom Treks and we’d definitely recommend you to others. Looking forward to booking the next leg of the trip - Vienna to Budapest." - Maggie Grimsdell

"The advice and support before you book makes a great start, you can ask for ideas and tips and check on details and although I feel like I ask too much, Catherine and Rachael just demonstrate kindness and patience. The freedom to ride and experience real life on holiday is priceless, you can just find hidden gems off the beaten track. Can’t wait to book our trips for 2018!" - Joanna and Martin Boaler

If you would like to know more about our cycling holidays, you can make an enquiry online or speak to one of our team by telephone: +44 (0)1273 224066 (Office Hours (UK time): Monday to Friday: 9am - 5.30pm)

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